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Filmer capturing skier in Park City, Utah


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Everything has a story to tell from the simplest product to a more complex brand experience.  AJ's role as a director, cinematographer, editor and producer is to help you tell that story with beauty, power, interest, enlightenment and meaning.  With over 10 years of experience, he is adept at expanding and visualizing brand narratives.

The belief is that the best stories should be seen, as well as heard.


After working in a variety of fields including action sports, advertising, fashion and beauty, the experience is there to capture product imagery, lifestyle and breathtaking moments. Past experiences of directing everything from on-line videos and 30 second broadcast advertisements to full-length movies will ensure your product be of the utmost quality.  As a director, it is the mission to lead projects of any size from pre-production through editing to assure goals are achieved messages delivered. Also, being a director and a camera operator, working with budgets or conditions that require a smaller crew are not a problem, the project will still be directed and filmed efficiently and effectively.


Having access to the latest technology and working regularly with the best equipment available, from the Arri Alexa to the Red Helium, the technology needed for your project will never be out of reach.  AJ is an experienced camera operator over the whole realm of current technologies, knowing first hand what equipment will work best for a particular need or desired outcome.  As AJ is used to working in extreme environmental conditions, he is able to be agile and flexible as to any needs that may arise during a production. A little bit of weather will never get in the way to fulfilling your vision. 


Having acted as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and many other roles, AJ has the experience to see your project through from start to finish.  His hands-on familiarity with both footage and the story being told allows to seamlessly edit a piece of any length while still making sure all of the goals and desires are achieved. The main focus is not only on how the end product looks, but ultimately how it will make the viewer feel.  The heart drives the head.


Mood. Tone. Style. All these are adeptly revealed through color-grading to help define and reinforce messages, images, and emotion. With the use of cutting-edge software such as Davinci Resolve that, along with expertise, will set the film visually through color, light, and tone in order to deliver the desired vision and viewer response.


With an understanding of the value of media today as a creator, artist and entrepreneur, showing the work to as many of the right eyes as possible is equally as important as the work itself. Social media marketing techniques will be used to get the final product seen and appreciated by engaged and valuable audiences. Having built a following that is organic over the years of posting, interacting and sharing the knowledge and experience to achieve this is right at hand.  

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Photographer capturing image


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Today, an image is worth well more than 1000 words. Our images are infused with story, emotion and a novel’s worth of connectivity and engagement. 

Concept Development

Meeting each client’s needs and visions is imperative to creating a successful product. Also, allowing the client to co-create and conceptualize will only help in achieving an end product that everyone is proud of. Along with that, working together to establish all of the requirements, such as the budget and narrative goals, will make sure that everything runs smoothly.  Lastly, establishing shot lists and story boards; defining optimal equipment; selecting the best talent for the job and working with the client hand-in-hand to create a concept and plan that will assure that a mutually agreed upon vision and result is developed and delivered is the ultimate goal.


The goal is to capture a moment that can never be created again.  With the knowledge that there is often only one chance to get a shot, capture an achievement and memorialize a moment for life it is imperative that no leaf is left unturned. The planning and approach to each shoot is thorough and well thought-through. From jumping off a 50ft drop on skis into fresh powder to a first kiss as husband and wife, the talent and drive is there to capture meaningful moments that can’t afford to be missed.


It can be said that the medium used is also an integral part of the message. We work with our clients to define how the result of our work together can best be seen and delivered to desired audiences.  From standard digital distribution, oversized attention-grabbing prints to the creation of photo books, your vision will be met to define all the opportunities available to create, publish and distribute content in multiple formats.



Most of the photos seen above are available to be purchased as prints matching any size, style, or look you may be looking for. 

Click below for more info.

Filming on a Red Epic in Whistler, British Columbia


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Filmer capturing images outside of city


From a young age AJ has always had an underlying passion for filmmaking and capturing striking visuals.  Watching the likes of all of the great skiers traveling to these exotic winter destinations in all of the old ski films always brought upon the dream of living that lifestyle and capturing stunning moments across the world.

After spending 18 of his years in Vermont, his passion for skiing mixed with the pressures of going to college brought him to Salt Lake City, UT. He spent his upcoming years juggling the task of creating ski-films while being enrolled as a student. After he receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah he moved on to pursue the real world of filmmaking.

AJ now works as a full time action-sports cinematographer / editor producing annual ski films while also producing commercial content in that same industry among many others. When not traveling to cities and mountains with above average snowfall during the winter months for these films he likes to fill in the gaps by producing content for various other industries and ventures to expand his perspectives and imagery.

More from AJ and his team can be found at


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For all work requests or inquiries please contact via email.

Park City, UT

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